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Watch mode

Watch mode runs the file and automatically re-runs it when the file is changed.

tsx watch ./file.ts


tsx introduced Watch mode at a time when Node.js lacked this feature. Node.js introduced their watch mode (--watch flag) in v18.11.0.

While it would be preferrable to remove tsx's watch mode in favor of Node's, it does not yet match the functionality and robustness of tsx's Watch mode.

Watch behavior

All imported files are watched except from the following directories: node_modules, bower_components, vendor, dist, and .* (hidden directories).

Ignore files from watch

To exclude files from being watched, pass in a path or glob to the --ignore flag:

tsx watch --ignore ./ignore-me.js --ignore ./ignore-me-too.js ./file.ts


  • Press Return to manually rerun
  • Pass in --clear-screen=false to disable clearing the screen on rerun