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Node.js API

Caution: For Advanced Users

The Node.js API is for advanced usage and should not be necessary for the majory of use-cases.

The Node.js API allows you to enhance Node with tsx without directly running tsx. This is useful for adding TypeScript support to binaries (e.g. eslint), or to your 3rd-party package without affecting the environment (e.g. loading config files), or simply using node directly to reduce overhead.

Note, when using the Node.js integrations, CLI features such as Watch mode will not be available.

Global enhancement

Command-line API

Run node with tsx in the --import flag. This will add TypeScript & ESM support for both Module and CommonJS modes, and is identical to what running tsx does under the hood.

node --import tsx ./file.ts

NODE_OPTIONS environment variable

Node.js also accepts command-line flags via the NODE_OPTIONS environment variable. This is useful when adding tsx to Node-based binaries.

NODE_OPTIONS='--import tsx' npx eslint

Programmatic API

Load tsx at the top of your entry-file:

import 'tsx'

// Now you can load TS files
await import('./file.ts')